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“Inspiring people to adopt new behaviors is central to the Professional Capital approach.”

Professional Capital is Europe’s leading sales and account management institute. Since 2004 we have been accelerating sales force performance in every industry by delivering in-house commercial training programs. It is our ambition to improve the performance of every sales professional. We believe that trained sales employees help companies acquire, develop and retain more profitable customer relationships.


1. Training content

Professional Capital creates her content in collaboration with Professor Willem Verbeke. Verbeke is leading in neuro-economics and links psychology with economics into new sales and account management training. Maarten Colijn is visiting faculty at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) regarding incompany sales and account management programs. This means candidates continuously work with the latest insights in sales and account management.


2. Sales trainers

Experience from our candidates shows that having a good trainer contributes to ceaselessly being up to date with latest developments, in particular in terms of sales professionals characteristics. Thus, we are determined to work with sales trainers only, who fit the needs and requirements of today‘s candidates.


3. Training approach

Each training follows the didactics of the Professional Capital Learning Cycle. This is our methodology to capture every candidate’s potential and secure long term effects. Our approach enables every participant to grow to the next level and the learning curve is continuous. This method allows new learning objectives to be formulated once goals are achieved.