Hybrid and Classroom Sales Training

Training is essential for every sales professional, these are the moments when self-reflection and personal growth come together. Which level are you currently at? What sales lessons did you learn in the past? And how do you apply these skills and knowledge in your company or current job? Our training courses are practical, in which new skills, techniques and tips are provided, so you can get started right away.


Our services


We offer customized online, hybrid and classroom training. These three types of training can be combined for optimal results. An online training can range from theoretical support to an interactive training. A classroom training takes half a day during which different sales subjects will be explained and practiced in an interactive manner. A hybrid type of training means participants can choose to physically join the training or follow the training online (real time with a 360-camera).

The advantages of an in-company training is that a larger group of sales people and sales managers with similar goals can be trained. Centralized are the learning objectives of the candidates. You can also opt for training, which focusses on multiple goals within your company with the emphasis on the implementation of the commercial strategy. The interaction and involvement is high. The training courses are available in both Dutch and Business English.


Sales training overview



Maximum result

We follow the following five steps to achieve maximum result. This allows each participant to progress to the next level. After successfully completing a training or academy, each candidate receives a certificate.


Step 1. Goals

We look at your personal goals or the KPIs of your company and how they can be realized. Each candidate also makes individual learning objectives known through an intake interview.


Step 2. Mindset

We focus on the right commercial mindset and determine which main negative feelings and thinking patterns can be turned around. We also facilitate discussions based on challenging statements.


Step 3. Theory

We have theoretical lessons in abundance and offer a complete theoretical framework. Thereby, we activate existing knowledge and identify which knowledge can be added. We discuss subject by subject by means of process training.


Step 4. Practice

We work with practical situations of the company, based on the pressure cooker didactics. In our trainings we will practice through role playing, simulations and games.


Step 5. Securing

Securing new behavior is essential for sustainable effects, which is why the trainer records agreements with all parties involved in a securing plan. Candidates receive homework advice, draw up action lists and draw up an implementation plan.
Do you have questions or do you want to get more information about our Sales training? Please give co-owner Maarten Colijn a call via +31 624670234 or send him a WhatsApp message.