Are you looking for a more advanced lecture series for yourself or for your sales team? In cooperation with Prof. Willem Verbeke, faculty member at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, we have developed two different lecture series: sales leadership and strategic account management. Both lecture series exist out several sessions at our office in Brainpark 1, Rotterdam. They include a test which is based on neuroscience, epigenetics and psychology through our own website www.exploreme.eu. This test reveals your commercial capabilities, management style and resilience. During the classes we will discuss your personal scores allowing you to improve your capabilities.


Besides above mentioned lecture series we also offer incompany variaties for your organization, fully tailor-made.



Sales Leadership’

Including an overnight stay in Novotel Rotterdam and a three-course dinner with other commercial leaders.

Recent scientific research by Prof. Willem Verbeke has revealed that the way sellers’ brains function affects their commercial behavior, both within your company and towards your (potential) customers.


This research shows that sales teams generate more revenue when (1) they are guided by a strong sales leader, (2) they are customer-focused and (3) they are rewarded on delivering good performance.


Prof. Willem Verbeke believes that when sales leaders are aware of the science behind the seller, they can strengthen their sales team and thus improve results. He discusses this topic in detail in the sessions listed below.



Afternoon session (3 pm – 6 pm)


Morning session (9 am – 12 noon)




Strategic Account Management

Recent scientific research by Prof. Willem Verbeke has revealed that account managers achieve better results when they are aware of their own actions and mindset.


By reflecting the scientific thoughts behind the expertise of account management on your personal situation and experiences, you can relate to positive and negative points with the goal of structurally developing yourself.


During the four sessions with Prof. Willem Verbeke the expertise of account management will be analyzed, which directly results in concrete tools that can be used while developing yourself to a higher sales level. You will also learn a lot from the other participants in the course!



Session 1  

Insight in yourself as an account manager and how you can sell better by being self conscious. How do you use social intelligence and how to you bring this into practice? How do you build a personal relationship with your clients and why do clients build a personal relationship with you?


Session 2 

Why are the fears for selling and genes important barriers during sales conversations? What is the psychological reason that account managers do not have the guts to ask for the deal? How do you handle the fear for selling? How do you integrate routines in your way of working and how do you differentiate yourself?


Session 3 

How can you influence your clients to redeem insights in behavioral economics? What interests are involved within an organization during the purchase process and how can you influence these different interests?


Session 4 

How do you build internal and external networks? How can you set up effective account teams through internal contacts? How do you use offline and online networks as an integral accelerator of the sales process? How can you become a knowledge broker and act like a thought leader?



After successful completion of the lecture series participants receive an official certificate, signed by Prof. Willem Verbeke.


More information or sign up?

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