At Professional Capital, we believe in our unique sales training approach. The Professional Capital Learning Cycle is an effective 5-step approach to sales training. Already 5000+ candidates have accelerated their careers by following the steps of the learning cycle.


Professional Capital Learning Cycle

Each step has its own function in this process even though it is a holistic model. This enables every participant to evolve to the next level and the learning curve has proven to be continuous. Consequently, when learning goals are achieved, new goals can be formulated.


Step 1. Goals


Step 2. Mindset


Step 3. Theory


Step 4. Practice


Step 5. Effects


Our promise is to utilize one’s full potential and secure long-term effects. This approach already has accelerated over 500 sales teams to the next level.

To learn all details and benefits of the Professional Capital Learning Cycle and how this fits your development programs, please contact us at +31 10 20 53 840.