Professional Capital is founded by Prof. Willem Verbeke and Maarten Colijn, who have get to know each other within the Sales & Marketing faculty of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Together they have found out that a focus on the right commercial mindset is crucial for a sales professional within a training course and developed a modern training approach based on the trends that Generation Z brings forward.


Since 2004 we have been providing interactive in-house sales training to help sales professionals improve their skills and results. Which we do with great enthusiasm due to the fact that we believe that well-trained sales people can make a big difference for your company. Even if they do not have a commercial background. Today we have trained more than 6,000 people from the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe.


Prior to each training, we start with your interests and objectives as well as those of the candidates. Because, investing in skills requires active and development-oriented participation of the participants. Lets get the best out of every participant and achieve long-term effects.

Monique Schepers

Management Assistant

Willem Verbeke


Maarten Colijn

Owner and trainer