Professional Capital

Sales Trainers

Every sales training is sold by the trainer himself. This means our trainers have a deep understanding of what sales really entails and they can provide candidates relevant and personal real life examples.

The Professional Capital sales trainer:

  • Are passionate about sales and have a very strong commercial mindset
  • Are empowered to grasp and transfer the theory of sales
  • Are able to truly understand his group of candidates
  • Are very empathic to participants feelings
  • Are disciplined, persistent and determined, enabling them to focus on training results
  • Practice what they preach as people only believe what we do and less what we say
  • Are pragmatic, authentic and down to earth, allowing them to put their ego aside
  • Are challenging and reflective, enabling them being a mirror for the participants
  • Are open and respectful, allowing them to adapt to every individual sales professional


  • Maarten Colijn
  • Willem Verbeke