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Client Case Studies


“We believe the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”

At Professional Capital, we are committed to accelerate our clients’ sales force performance by delivering training in sales and account management and enhancing the commercial mindset. Professional Capital is proud to be endorsed on our website by brands like Chevron Phillips, Global Collect and SC Johnson. Read our client endorsements and case studies to learn how we could help your organization.

Client endorsements:

Karl Bellekens | Area Sales Manager | Chevron Phillips

“The session brought me very valuable topics and hints to fine-tune my future business development. Moreover, I have picked out important topics which I will surely use to optimize my sales techniques. I am convinced they’ll contribute positively to our business plan of our product line.”

Angela Verhoef | Account Manager EMEA | Global Collect

“In contradiction to previous sales trainings from other suppliers, this training is experience based, not about learning a ‘trick’. Knowledge and insights from your own way of working are the primary focus. You learn a lot from other participants. Sharing practical examples is what I like.”

Freek Sander | Key Account Manager | SC Johnson

“The Professional Capital trainer is an inspired entrepreneur and trainer with a solid base of both theoretical as practical sales knowledge. Having followed his three day account management course strengthened my personal and general sales understanding.”

Jeroen Peters | Sales Director | Tronox

“I had the pleasure to work with Maarten from Professional Capital in 2015. His sometimes provocative style, challenging questions and modern way of training supported our very experienced sales team to change their way of working. I was very impressed by the way Maarten keeps attention and masters to achieve real changes. He understands the issues very easily and adapts smoothly to the individual level within the team. I am convinced I will work with Maarten and Professional Capital again.”

Elo Dhaene | Commercial Director Europe | Purmo Radson

“Our trainer is an extremely intelligent person with great social and psychological skills. Knows how to adapt to different cultures and situations without losing his objectives or authenticity. His knowledge of account management is experienced and helped our organization a lot. Also he understands very well how to lead a sales organization based on emotional added value from a strong marketing background/standpoint.”

Domenico Buonamico | Risk Management Solutions Expert | EMIR Collateral Management Software Professional

“Maarten from Professional Capital provided our company with a training session; he managed to galvanise our attention by using practical yet effective cases and to be precise to the area where we needed to improve. Maarten also has a surprising energy level that he manages to convey in a very practical roadmap for us to follow. I believe his intimate knowledge of sales mechanism comes from the interaction with a multitude of international players in this specific area; Maarten does not believe in trickery to close a sale rather in implementing an honest and proven methodology”

Marc Peeters | President | ICA

“Professional Capital was hired by ICA to provide a training that helps young professionals to present themselves. They blended theory, personal experience and didactical skills into a training full of insights. They involved the audience into the training and made it interesting from beginning to the end. I would highly recommend them to be hired again.”

Cees Werff |  Chief Commercial Officer | Van Ameyde Group

“Maarten en his colleague’s of Professional Capital developed a tailor-made program for all selected professionals of the Van Ameyde Group. The value that it created supported the growth of the company and the particpants all valued the program with the highest scores.”

Jennifer Borst | Sales Manager | Visie Groep Benelux

“Maarten from Professional Capital is a very professional trainer. He knows very well which goal to achieve. He continuously checks if all attendees make progress during the training in their approach and way of thinking. Maarten is able to create a positive energy level and enthuse attendees to develop themselves. It is not only about talking about the target to achieve but really implementing the way to achieve this. As a team leader of the groups that need to be trained it is really great to see how people develop within a few hours if you really show them the effects of their approach and teach them how small changes can make a big difference!”

Balten Schalkwijk | Director | Private Life

“Maarten Colijn has provided me through Professional Capital, exactly the right people for my jobs. understanding and providing the solution for business and sales challenges is what he does best, that is why I prefer to work with him now and in the future.”

Ariena Verbaan | Managing Consultant | CPS

“The best gift from my company was this year’s the Masterclass Sales and Accountmanagement from Professional Capital. Maarten is an results oriented trainer with passion and a clear focus. I’ve learned the most of his personal approach, both on commercial as personal areas as trusted advisor. He has the talent to move people and organizations to focus on their goal bij doing. Keep it simple but do it!”

Wilco Groot | Algemeen Directeur | Ensupport

“Maarten from Professional Capital is an expert in the field of Sales & Accountmanagement. I’ve met him as a former student at ISAM and was inspired by his enthusiasm on the subject. As a person he is responsive, involved and able to explain complex maters in an easy and understandable way. His communicationstyle is personal en convincing. Furthermore, Maarten has a strong sense of costumer needs and is capable to anticipate on changing circumstances.”

Wouter Muns | Sr. consultant | CPS Onderwijsontwikkeling en advies

“My company hired Professional Capital to perform an account management sales training for me and my colleague consultants. They did a great job! With flair, humour, hands on experience, well organized and committed, they helped us to shift our paradigms about selling our knowledge in a non-commercial (education) market. For me, the insights, tip’s en strategies Maarten delivered, made a big difference in the way I prepare, close and follow up sales cases now a days. It was a valuable experience. If you are looking for a great sales trainer, don’t hesitate! Call Maarten, sit and talk with him and you will know.”

Fabienne Mongula | Account Manager | Mtel

“The Professional Capital coach is very professional and skilled. His training sessions have a very interactive approach to it, which make the sessions far more interesting and effective. He focusses on your expectations and goals, adapts to the situation and makes sure you get to learn what you came to learn. Furthermore, his sales experience gives the training extra depth. I’m looking forward to the next training sessions”

Elo Dhaene | Managing Director | Isoprofs B.V.

“Maarten, from Professional Capital is an extremely intelligent person with great social and psychological skills. Knows how to adapt to different cultures and situations without loosing his objectives or authenticity. His knowledge of accountmangement is experienced and helped our organsiation a lot. Also he understands very well how to lead a salesorganisation based on emotional added value from a strong marketing background/standpoint. I can recommend him to every organisation dealing with sales and accountmangement challenges.”

Cornelis Alderlieste | Marketing Manager EMEA | KATUN

“The trainer’s business insight, ability to listen, keen training skills and excellent experience in sales make him the perfect trainer within the sales and account management field. His training of last February inspired our international sales managers and will spawn a new approach to account management within our company.”

Oscar de Grave | Partner | So Weiter VOF

“Maarten from Professional Capital was asked to give a workshop on personal pitching during a meetup of YPR, the branche independent network for young professionals in/from Rotterdam. His clear expertise on the topic, his ability to activate the audience, his professionalism and the authentic personality very much pleased me and the audience. I would therefore recommend getting in touch with him to see what he or Professional Capital can do for you.”

Christian Riis | Software Sales Consultant | Schneider Electric

“During the last 13 months I have participated in the Masterclass Sales & Account Management training course, facilitated by Professional Capital. They have an engaging and direct method of teaching, which I would label as “Engineering the mindset of the participants”. Not only has it immensely improved and boosted my sales and account management skill set – my whole perception of myself, my potential, and my future career has changed for the better!”

Matthijs Tetteroo | Project Manager | The Boston Consulting Group

“Prof. Willem Verbeke is a world-class academic with a central and embedded position in corporate landscape. He did not only bridge science and business; he created a form of synergy that is unmet in academia. His research adheres to the highest academic standard top tier journals demand, while at the same time this research is answering questions senior executives face in everyday business. From a personal perspective, Willem is inspiring and fun to get along with and some of those academics to get in touch with in order to learn about new ideas that turn out to be high impact eventually.”